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Trijnie Nanninga

Creature Creator




*Update 6-4-2016*

The GoatBallerina was a bit lonely, so I made a few more.



By now I am really enthusiastic about the possiblities of drawing with pencil. It's so much more than just a tool for quick scketching... I wasn't expecting this at the beginning of the class. Thanks again Judy!

*update 4/4/2016*

Now keen on the possiblities of the pencil, I've remade the goat ballerina.



First up were the figures and the movements.


On to the textures.


This was an interesting excersice for me. I draw creatures all the time and I just draw them out of the blue. Sometimes I do a little sketching before making the final design, but never multiple postures or poses. This is a quick way to explore multiple possibilities.

Out of the sketches, I chose some ideas that I liked.


Here's some creatures I came up with on the side:


But I wanted to do a more detailed pencildrawing, paying atention to the light ans dark areas, so I stuck with the irritated maid.


At this point I normally would grab my markers, but I didn't.


Turned out pretty nice! Also an accurate depiction of how I feel today, beïng a maid myself. (I wish we really had the fancy costume though...)

The best part of making sketches beforehand is that the pose is much more expressive. If I wouldn't have made the sketches, for example the arms would have turned out more anatomically correct, I think. the expression is much stronger this way.

I then chose to color the piece in watercolours and define the lines with pen and ink.


The goal was to create a charming character... Let's just say she has an off day, we all have sometimes.

Thanks for establishing this exploration Judy! I have plenty of new ideas to work on.


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