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Duran Brehon




Charm City : Baltimore, Maryland

hey, everyone im duran

For this project I would say I had a hard time on deciding on how I wanted my city to be portrayed throughout this class project. Due to my love for black and white photographs and architecture I thought I should present you with these images. 

editing software: lightroom // photoshop

camera : canon t4i 650 // film camera : Olympus OM10

twitter : @NHVSN

tumblr : REDLIGH

here my cargocollective site with more images that include color + b&w : NHVSN

I want to thank y'all for viewing these selected images. Please shoot me a comment with any questions? Or on anything you see I can improve on along with different techniques that I could use to help me take better photographs. 

s/o to our teacher trashhand, thanks for the knowledge shared


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