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I am looking to redesign my blog and myself as a brand (I know, my blog design s currently all over the place, too much fiddling about, I am in the process of rehauling it!), and wanted to start with a new logo.

I just graduated from uni studying craft, specialising in textiles, and want my brand Charlotte Rigby (my name!) to be my blog and portfolio of work, and then have Charlotte & Co. as my current (yet to be set up) shop of textile design collections and handmade pieces.

I have started by  creating a fonts and logos pin board so I can look at what I like/don't like and take it from there.

Next I made some notes about what I want my brand to show, and started playing around with possible ideas:

I like the idea of combining 2 fonts - a simple modern font with a more hand-drawn font 


I've been thinking more about my logo design, and decided I want to incorporate circles, as they are my favourite shape, and I think curving the letters to fit in the shape will add fun and individuality, so I have been having a play about before I try some digital ideas. I think the bottom image is my favourite, though Im struggling to find the right font in illustrator!


Some digital designs, i was struggling to manipulate the letters, so i kept it simple for now, and fitted the letters onto the curve of the circle for some, which i like! feedback please! I like the imperfection of faded/splodgy texture as i think it works well with my designs/products being handmade, and i do stitch and block print, which are quite individual.


I have narrowed down my colour palette and refined some of my ideas. brianne suggested my ideas were a little like venn diagrams, which I really like as since i am just starting out i have quite a few different things going on (knitting, stitching, digital design, print, different designs etc), but it is all related as it is me!. I've numbered them b so I don't get confused with the numbered ideas above. feedback would be really appreciated please, i'd love to hear what you think!

and I realised what I dont like about the above images is the regularity of the circle edges, think they look better like this, what do you think?


Had a break as Ive been superbusy, but Ive worked on my typeface, working by hand, then scanning in and editing in photoshop. The big question is if its readable enough, Im not sure about the cursive 'r' what do you think?

Ive decided on a 'handwritten' font rather than the modern ones I was using above, as I want to use a clean font for taglines etc. I've tested some more ideas, I tried the circle again, but think I prefer the brush stroke? Think the 2 blues work better than blue and purple. What do you think?


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