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Sharath Kumar

In search of story...




Its 1954 and in the tiny town of Charlington, a farmer named William Rankin lives a boring, regular life. Until one day when two men from an oil company come knocking on his door with a proposal to buy his farm off. Rankin denies and the men get desperate, resorting to blackmail. One day however, they mysteriously go missing without a trace. A young hot headed detective, John Bacon, is given the case. Having failed his previous case, he wants to prove his mettle at all costs. He arrests Rankin and interrogates him to no avail, he knows Rankin is somehow responsible but is unable to prove it. Meanwhile, Rankin makes a daring escape with the help of a prostitute named Lynn Meeks, and is now on the run. This journey takes an unnassuming farmer through hell and back. Does Rankin have everything it takes to prove his innocence? Will his feelings for Lynn lead him astray?


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