Charlie's Brownies Store Ready Packaging

Hello my fellow classmates!

In 2007, I launched Charlie's Brownies. I've had my gourmet pastries in coffee shops and sold as a vendor at various festivals and events, none of which required me to package my products.

Since launching CharliesBrownies.com in 2010, I've developed two types of packaging, one standard box and also a gold gift box for people to order privately for pickup or for mail order. These basic packagings are simple and do not include nutrition facts or any official labeling aside from a sticker with my company logo on it as seen below:

Phase 3 for 2013 is to package my brownies according to the Food Labeling Requirements. Some things to consider:

  • Dimensions of the packaging?
  • How many pieces will be in the package? 
  • Designing labels that stand out, represent the brand well, and attract people to buy.

The dimensions of my brownie bites are 1.5 in. x 1.5 in. x 1 in. and they weigh around 25 grams each. The average retail price per oz. (28 grams) for my competitors is $0.80 per oz and they sell from 6 - 12 oz. in a box. Here is an example of the dessert shelf at Whole Foods, the other brands who I will be up against:

This project should be fun and hopefully after this class you will see Charlie's Brownies at your local market!


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