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Charlie the Cavalier - You Are Loved

Barbara, thank you for a great class.  I wrote many of the tips in my journal and already added some new content to my website and social media.  I bought this dress to help look the part.  I really do look and feel the part of the children's book author that I am / would like to be. 



Charlie the Cavalier stories are written by Lisa Rusczyk. She has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Charlie and a little girl. Lisa is dyslexic and did not like to read growing up. But that did not stop her as she became a doctor in Educational Leadership.

Lisa does not like to leave her daughter but sometimes needs to for work and travel.

Charlie the Cavalier shows Lilly, the little girl in the books, that she is loved even when she does activities for the first time without her loved ones.

Charlie teaches children that they are loved.


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