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Charity Event

I'm sorry if this project is out of topic, but this class has inspired me and i got some great result that i want to share with you.

Charity event name: Maal Berbagi Akbar

In November, me and my friends had a charity event project. This charity event was our biggest charity project in this year.It made us want do our best to share it with others. 

Like any other charity event, we need to raise fund to held this event. At the first time, i thought it gonna be easy and it was not. We try to reach people to get some donation, but it was not that easy to get it.  

After days by days, we still need US $800 to held this event and the event will be held in five days.Luckily the proposal that we made and sent it to some business owner has helped us to get US$826.  

How this class has inspired me? 

I made unusual title in the content page and made it like a story.

Some photos of this event

Thank you so much for the class!


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