Charis Rountree

Hand Letterer and Calligrapher




I've always had touble with my name. About 5% of people I meet pronounce it correctly. It's pronounced "Keris". The 'h' is silent. When I was a kid, I hated my name. I was called "chair-iss", "cherry", "sha-rees", "chris", and even on occasion, Charles. 

It wasn't until I was in my late teens before I realized what an awesome name I had. I love the meaning (it's greek for grace and favor). I love that I can have an email address with just my name and no numbers or symbols. I love that it is unique! But I also love meeting people with the same name.

So, all of that to give you a background of my name. And how to pronounce it. Because I know a lot of you will see my name and go, "Chair-Iss? Oh, that's a weird name..." So I'm just helping you out :)

I did a ton of pencil sketches, just on one sheet of paper. I tried using a couple of different brush pens just to see what happened. But it wasn't really what I wanted for this project.


I starred the ones I liked the best and wanted to move forward with. I definitely want flourishes, but I don't want to overdo it. I want them to work well together.

Here are my second sketches of the ones I liked:


I like the one on the bottom for the simplicity of it. I like the one on the right because it feels a litte more playful while still being simple and elegant. But I really want to add more flourishes. So, I did a second round of sketches.


That's what I have for now, so if anyone has any feedback on what looks best or something to do differently, I would appreciate it!


I got behind and did the last two steps all at once. I played around some more with my sketches that I liked and came up with this rough advanced sketch:


I wanted to try some more options, like opening up the counter on the "a" and making the "s" a little more rounded. So, from there I came up with this:


I decided that I actually liked the more slanted counter of the "a" in my first sketch and I also liked the look of the "s" better in my first sketch. But in this second sketch, I brought the "C" a little closer to the rest of the letters and made the flourish on the "r" come out a bit more. So I took what I liked from the first and second sketches and came up with this:


In this one, I brought the "C" up a little more and a little closer to the rest of the letters. I added rounded terminals to my end points. I went back to the slanted "a" and curvier "s". I decided that I still wanted to bring the flourish of the "r" out a bit more to fill the space under the "s", but I decided to just do that in Illustrator.

So, this is my refined vector drawing of the sketch:


From here, I decided I wanted to knock out some parts around where the lines overlap on some of the letters to give the illusion of a line going in front of or behind the other line. So, I did that, then added color, then added a drop shadow. Here is the final piece! I may bring this into photoshop sometime and add some shading in the letters and the drop shadow, but for the sake of time and deadlines, we'll just say this is the final :)



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