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Chevon Hylton

Graphic Designer



Charing Cross

First of all I think that this is an amazing class. Very informative, clear and easy to follow. Thank you for taking the time Elizabeth to share with us your skills and talent. 

I live in London and each day I pass by Charing Cross station on the underground and see this amazing piece of artwork created by David Gentleman. So when I saw this class I thought it would be great to pull elements from the mural and use them to create a pattern repeat.

Design for the 100 metre long mural for the Northern Line platforms of Charing Cross Underground station in 1979. The carefully researched sequential narrative  strip tells how the last stone  ‘Eleanor Cross’ commemorating Eleanor of Castile, wife of King Edward II, was quarried,  carved by medieval masons and erected here.

So I went down to the station and took a bunch of photos and then got them back to my computer where I placed them in Photoshop and cleaned up the image, made corrections and floated the artwork onto a transparent layer. I then took those into Illustrator and converted them into vectors then proceeded to construct my pattern.

I decided to use the tools as the basis for my pattern as the mural is about construction and so is this class I thought it tied in nicely. I also wanted to add an exra dimension to the pattern so tried adding a sublayer of artwork to create depth to the piece. 

I'm not quite sure if this works or not. Also not so sure about the colors. But as a first attempt at this I am quite pleased. 

Please feel free to comment as any feedback would be appreciated as this will only help me to improve.




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