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Amanda Dahler

Owner | Outsmart Studio



Charge your worth: Value based pricing for designers

Class topic

Many businesses view design as a commodity and price it as such--lowest bidder gets the prize of doing a lot of work with little pay.

The drive to save money leads many companies and individuals to scrutinize hourly rates and time projections. At the same time, designers rely on hourly rates to protect themselves from clients who are overly nitpicky, whimsical or otherwise can’t make a decision. The truth is that design has big value at the end of the day. Think of something poorly designed next to something well designed--do you trust the poorly designed one as much as the well designed one? Which one makes you excited to hand over your money?

There’s a lot of talk about value based pricing in other services--including those often related to design such as consulting and development. In this class I will show you various ways you can and should apply value based pricing to your design projects, leading to more profitable work for you, better value for your clients and more rewarding relationships with you both.

Class project

I'll walk you through an exercise to recognize your value and give you an easy formula for stating your value proposition. You'll also make a list of tactics to reach them where they are.

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