Charcoal drawing project

Charcoal drawing project - student project

Charcoal drawings look great and I really wanted to learn how to make one. There is something about the combination of big misty shapes and more detailed ones. I also like the deep black of charcoal.

I already had a pencil eraser at home but had to buy the charcoal sticks and pencil at the art store. The charcoal pencil proved invaluable in drawing the smaller details but sharpening it was a real challenge as the tip kept breaking off. I started off using rough watercolor paper but it absorbs the charcoal and blending is almost impossible. I then switched to regular printing paper and it worked well. It took me about 2 to 3 hours to complete the drawing.

This was a very fun and informative class. Thank you, Diane!


Charcoal drawing project - image 1 - student project