Description – He has blue gray eyes and golden hair. He is not a barbarian. He carried out punishments with wisdom.

Personality traits – he puts his people first. He is just and honorable. Skilled.

Habits/mannerisms – he brushes his hair when he is frustrated, his eyes would turn cold

Background – he grew up as a prince. He is unloved by his father but is being tricked by his mother. He is at war.

Flaws – he has a temper. His people’s opinions matter. He is sometimes a barbarian.

Internal conflict – his fear of being unloved and left, becoming a good king. Pleasing his people.

External conflict – his people telling him he has to be brutal but a part of him wants to be just in punishing his people.

Dahlia Lois

Description – She’s a writer and musician of Asia descent. Black straight hair and brown eyes. She has a sweet image, but often scowls at men. She has a strong and carefree façade.

Personality traits – She is very vocal and open with regards to her opinions. Due to her opinionated and tactlessness, she often finds herself in a compromising position.

Habits/mannerisms – She tends to purse her lips when she is confused. She cries over someone who is hurt.

Background – She came from a broken family, hence she is wary of men. She has casual relations with men, but tends to shy away from commitments.

Flaws – She’s stubborn and full of pride. She’s not good with commitments.

Internal Conflict – knowing her dream and goal in life.