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Characters in motion project

This is the first time i ever take one of these workshops. I'm a self-taught digital illustrator and I've been following Patricks work for years now and I've always looked up to the expression, dynamism and overall "eyecatchy-ness" of his illustration. Since I can only upload one project per class I'd like to upload a series of tries working on different things.

I finished this work a couple of days ago, i work mostly digitally so I made this using adobe photoshop. If you see my gallery you might notice I've been focusing on learning anatomy and composition but my characters usually lack expression or their expression is kinda boring magazine model stary kind of look...(you can take a look here: my gallery . This time around i wanted to try something with a little more action. I know i still have to work on the background, adding more characters and story so If it's ok ill upload more stuff to this project to practice just that and to get out of my confort zone even more.

So... here it goes

At this stage I wasnt so sure about the expression, i wanted him to look angry but the eyebrows were too high for my taste and the mouth was very open. Also the lower teeth are wrong since thats not the way the jaw opens (looks like one of those wooden dolls ventriloquist carry).

Here i corrected the face and expression, I'm satisfied with the result but I still think i can improve the dynamism.

This is the final work. I'll work one another illustration featuring full body characters with more interaction and perspective... That's really hard for me but there's no other way than trying.


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