Hello! I'm a graphic designer, aspiring illustrator/surface pattern designer and I'm really excited about this class! I like to draw weird faces but have a tough time with actually giving them bodies, so I hope this class helps.  Below is a screenshot of my inspiration board..you can check it out here:


Now it's time to decide what to draw!

So, I doodled this nerd guy, and I really like his weird giant hand picking a giant nose. I think i'm gonna work on him for now. 

I also had this idea for like the anti super-hero, Couch Potato. I'm thinking he has a french fry as a dog and he just sits on the couch and eats snacks all day. If I have time I'd like to work on him maybe as well!

Below is the nerd with his illustrator shapes! 

I know one of his arms is way longer than the other but it's almost like he's using super stretch powers to pick his nose. Like a nerd whose only super power is being more of a nerd.

Here's my final creation! I'm really happy with how it turned out. I really learned a lot form this class, and enjoyed the process of working in photoshop much more than I thought would!



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