Character design

Character design - student project

Included are my first drafts, you can see how much the characters have changed from initial concept.

Strong man: I liked the idea of having his beard and hair look like a spartan helmet.

Acrobat: I was initially inspired by Chinese acrobats but while doing research i encountered a lot of amazing costumes from cirque de Soleil. Also the motif of the big came from batman's side kick Robin, as he was once a child acrobat. I i liked the idea of a small child in a bird costume doing the gravity defying jumps.

Jester: I prefer sleeker designs if jesters to clowns. My idea is that on a dark stage the jesters costume would make him blend in, leaving his hands and feet appear to float.

Character design - image 1 - student projectThese are my 3 circus performer heads for the second task. Cheers!

Character design - image 2 - student project


As per the second video, this is my self caricature of me as a kid and now.Character design - image 3 - student project

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