Cecile Noldus

Animation Artist



Character design for model animation - build cool creatures out of any material!

this is the published course!

Hi, I am Cecile Noldus, I make animated art films and children films, independent and for Sesame Street. I see creatures everywhere, in any form, any object. That is so much fun, giving an extra dimension to every day life. And I want to share it with you.

In this course, we start with a doodle and out of this intuitive information we can create a whole world of creatures! And it is your very own, unique world! I will show you how to create this kind of doodles and how to create characters step by step. I will show you a lot of materials which you can use to build an animation puppet for little money. The end product can be a small puppet, a character design or even a character out of everyday objects. Let´s dive into the animation world! Join me!


here are some of the creatures I made


a choice of materials you can use


or get inspired by the forms and textures of everyday objects! You can animate anything!

This course is part of a series of lessons, on character design, model building, animation with AE and model animation. Still thinking about an overall title for the series. 



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