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Character design: The Runner

Hello! My name is Dina and I'm a huge fan of Charlie Bowater so I really can't wait to do this project!

Today I'll be designing a character that for the moment is named the Runner. I can't say much about where he comes from or what he does but he is a collector and a creator. He finds objects and use them/ fix them. He's aslo quite an outsider, but not shy. Runners are a part in a society where you have to run and fetch certain items outside the citywall, no matter how dangerous.

I knew the character would be a he, wear a shoulder bag and wear lots of pockets where he can put all the things he finds. He wears slight modern clothes, but at the same time there is something off with them (patches and stuff).

So  here we go! I started up with some thumbnails:

I really liked number 1,8 and 9 so I went ahead and detailed them a little further:

Currently I am leaning towards the last one, it seems to fit the character's personality and style.

Any comments?


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