Arnaud Muller Feuga

Freelance video editor/storyboarder/artist



Character concept art: Classic Skeleton Warrior (and Fantasy Queen in armor).

Update 1:

Ok so before diving in a full human figure just wanted to do a "quick" (ahah) 1st pass on the process. So I did a fairly simpler concept. Enter the classic "skeleton warrior back from da dead!"

Thumbs phase:

Refine phase:

Iteration on chosen pose phase:

Aaand final value phase: much need to improve on blending, such work, wow!

(update 1 end)


First thumbnail pass. I'll choose a few of them next to push.

It's new for me to work with silhouettes, I've allways worked in line before. Kind of surprinsing at first, but the change of work process feels is a nice and challenging change!


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