Character Study- Little Things: Broken

My wattpad name is Rike808. This is for a book I am writing entitled: "Little Things: Broken"

Name: Emily Houser

Physical Description:

- Between 5'4" and 5'7"

- Black hair, naturally curly, tame

- Brown eyes, dark toffee/caramel color

- Average but beautiful

- Between average body type

(When I wrote her character I sort of imagined Adelaide Kane, but a tad taller)


- Very expressive

- Always thinking (the kind of person that you see in a coffee shop that seems deep in thought)

- People watcher

- Doesn't like to upset people 

- Has energetic attitude, draws people in, but prefers to be alone 


- writes with her finger in the air as she talks to people, because she constantly feels the need to be moving

- tends to get lost in thought, thinks deeper into basic things

- picks at nails when nervous


- unaware of things that she does wrong in the relationship

- sometimes doesn't listen, because she has become lost in thought

- will put off her own problems for others' benefit

- observes the people around her and tries to think about why they're doing things so much that she begins to let those assumptions affect her relationships

- tends to become too invested in a project (ex: book, piece of art, poem, etc.)


- encouraged to do whatever it is that she wants in life by her parents

- learned from parents that confidence and self worth are very important

- parents divorced at age of 16

Internal Conflict:

- denial of the inevitable end of her relationship

External Conflict: 

- growing rift between her and Tall