Character Study: Faolan Yagami

Character Study: Faolan Yagami - student project

Wattpad: EneTachibana


  • 5’ petite body, but broad shoulders
  • Silver hair that ends at the knees normally in a low ponytail
  • Almond eyes - Left eye color silver, right eye color gold
  • Olive skinned
  • Always wears white and black
  • Traditional Japanese clothing
  • Species - Human/Wolf
  • An 'X' scar on her right eye covered by bangs and an 'X' scar on her back



  • Quiet
  • Sometimes serious
  • Protective
  • Helpful
  • Compassionate
  • Gentle
  • Respectful
  • Loyal to a fault
  • Trusting



  • Polite
  • Does not lie
  • Hums tunes when bored
  • Overprotective of friends
  • Eyes turn red and pupils turn into slits when an entity known as White Fang wishes to show himself or if angered
  • Sometimes does not make eye contact with people
  • Burdens everything on her own
  • Doesn’t ask for help



Faolan was born as a twin to Katsu. They both were told a prophecy that changed their lives after they turned 18. After their lives were thrown into chaos, Faolan traveled to different Realms and gave up her emotions for 10 lives. Because she had no emotions, she did not remember the 500,000 that passed before she returned to her home Realm. Now, she relies on no one. Takes every hit for her defenseless friends during battle. Easily angered if someone is hurt during battle. Though she does not lie, she still is able to hide secrets.



  • Overprotective - gets hurt during battles
  • Burdens everything on her own - no one knows how she really feels
  • Sometimes emotions get the best of her
  • Blames herself for the death of friends
  • Doesn’t talk about herself
  • Sometimes too trusting to the enemy



  • Unsure of who her clan really is
  • Beats herself up for the death of her childhood friend
  • Learns of her clan’s secrets as well as her parents
  • Her childhood friend doesn’t remember her
  • Her childhood friend dislikes her for some reason
  • Her father wants to kill her