Character Study: Eva Candace

Name: Eva Candace Akira


Description: Green almond eyes, brown hair, slim, petite figure, a mole above the lip on the right.


Personality: She 's independent, creative, a music lover, pretty confident (at least, apparently), ambitious. She likes to have an ascendancy over the boys she meets and she likes to have fun with them, but she's not interested in having serious stories.


Habits, mannerisms: She bites her lip when she's nervous.


Background: She has two older brothers and a younger sister, who she loves very much. When she was a little girl, she was very lively and independent: despite the presence of the housewife mother at home always ready to help her, she preferred to learn everything by herself or with the help of his grandmother, a brilliant business woman who had dedicated her life to her job. The father, a generous man who had always put the family at the center of his existence, died on the day of Eva's thirteenth birthday.


Flaws: Often, her sincerity leads to cynicism and this aspect risks hurting the people around her; she always wants something more from herself, with the result of being perpetually dissatisfied; she is very wary. Towards the boys she knows, she is very rude and prejudiced and when they express their emotions, she mocks them.


Internal conflict: She is afraid of falling in love and committing, because she fears that this aspect could represent an obstacle to the affirmation of her independence. She fears that feelings make her weak and she wants to be taken seriously.


External conflict: Eva has a bad relationship with her mother Alysia: she was a supermodel and before her birth, she gave up her career for the sake of family and in Eva's opinion, she represents the emblem of failure. So, at the death of his grandmother (mainstay of the family) she decides to go and live alone in an apartment, near her older brother Chase.



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