Character Study: Cornillia Rose

Character Study: Cornillia Rose - student project

Physical Description:

  • Long blonde golden curly almost mane like hair
  • Oval shaped face with fair skin
  • Grey/Silver almond shaped eyes
  • Height 5'6
  • Slim hour glass petite body type
  • Has a Diamond the shape of a large marble growing out of her chest beneath her breasts
  • Vintage/chic comfortable clothing style
  • Tries to always wear purple

 Personality Traits:

  • Recovering from an abusive relationship
  • Emotional and Intuitive
  • Has an unnatural affinity with light  
  • Intelligent and witty
  • Sympathetic
  • Loves people but not crowds
  • Strong but secretive nature
  • Loving and Courageous


  • Braids her hair when she's starting to get pissed off ad the area around her heats up
  • When her mind wonders she likes to create balls of light to tinker with like a cat does with a toy
  • Unnatural phenomena occur when her emotions get riled up with her ill-controlled magical power
  • She emits the faint scent of roses like the rest of her family which gets stronger when she's attracted or loves someone.


When Cornillia was born she only wore her true face for barely a day before her family and coven performed a ritual to change her face and seal her full power. It was illegal to have a new soul for witches and looking like your parents was a telltale sign of a new soul. Knowing this growing up without her own face created something of an identity crisis for her along with the disappearance of her mother and the whole time wondering what was really so bad about not being reincarnated.


  • Nervous and at time insecure
  • Often feels lost
  • Has trouble controlling her power and emotions
  • She's afraid of her own power to the point she doesn't defend herself like she should
  • To strong for her own good
  • Has lost trust in others