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Character Study (Assigned to Her)

Name: Marco Raffaele Regnante


Physical description:

  • 6’1
  • Dark brown volumes hair
  • Hazel eyes


  • Loves reading
  • Scholar
  • Wants to pursue higher education
  • Neat and tidy
  • Affection starved: Hugger
  • Player,
  • Loving and affectionate towards family,
  • Cold and cut off from strangers

Habits and mannerism

  • Fiddles with his bracelet when nervous
  • Squeezes Salvatore’s hand when scared
  • Looks away when lying
  • Never knocks. NEVER
  • Territorial about his things
  • Reads before bed
  • Eats before getting dressed and doesn’t speak during breakfast.


  • Kidnapped from his original family and sold as a slave,
  • Bought into an underground boxing ring
  • Left to die when Salvatore and his friends found him dying
  • Nursed him back to health, treated him like a younger brother
  • A very curious child, so he was constantly in places he shouldn’t have been,
  • But his constant curiosity led Arcangelo and Rosalie to fall in love with him and adopt him.
  • Salvatore, Arsenio and the household readily accepted him
  • Salvatore named him his heir once he took over.

Internal Conflict

  • Constantly wanting to prove to his family that he is worthy of the Regnante name
  • Trying to be emotionally detached towards Sofia, no matter how traumatized she might be, scared she would trigger something he spent years trying to forget.

External Conflict

  • Salvatore’s marriage means he won’t be the heir to the Mafia: wanting to prove his worth through taking over
  • Falling in love with Sofia despite not wanting to.
  • Finding out about his biological family.


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