Character Study #1 Brianne Hallows


  • Brianne Hallows
  • Tall (5'10) , pear shape with very curvy hips. 
  • Olive skinned with Light freckles that cross over from cheek to cheek. 
  • Strawberry blond hair tightly - curled. 
  • Almond shaped eyes with the color amber.

Personality traits

  • Devoted catholic 
  • Has a cross branded in between her breasts since she was 4 years old.
  • Wears a military jacket that was given to her everywhere she goes (Father Roger Miles) 
  • Loyal to a fault


  • Bites her cheek every time she prays
  • Has an obligation to the nun that raised her (Sister Helen)
  • Sarcastic when threatened 


  • Orphaned - she does not her past only the life she lived in an orphanage in Brooklyn until the age of 15
  • Since the age of 7 her chores inside the convent and orphanage helped her , along with er dish washing duties at a burger joint helped her raise enough money to emancipate herself so she can begin to find those who made her. 
  • Brianne was given a gift, a gift that makes others wonder if she is good. 


  • Her faith could be the result of pulling her to the opposite direction her quest of finding out who she really is.

Internal conflict

  • Fear of what her gift is and how it would be used if it is revealed to the wrong people.  

External Conflict

  • Sister Helen is the only one who could help or hinder her.  (still working on this) 


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