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Character Illustration

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my sketch. 


So, I plan to revisit the pirate. But, while I was watching TV I sketched out this drawing of my chihuahua, Lola that I want to turn into some fun characters. I inked it with Microns but will next follow the lessons here and render her! I drew her in more detail than some of my past doodles of her that flood my Instagram feed. My scan:

12/10/13 - After creating shapes in Illustrator and then opening in Photoshop.


HA! Okay so first time here. I love drawing lanky arms and legs so I like the way these came out. I just can't seem to get a feel for sleeves on shirts or things like shadows when it comes to how her skirt should be laying. Also, drawing in Photoshop is so hard for me. I'm a paper and Illustrator user - can you imagine how long it took me just to draw the balloon string? :) After I already had her in Photoshop I thought of how I would want to do things differently. I think I come from the philosophy of less is more, so I had a hard time getting used to the boldness of some of the brushing for textures. Perhaps with practice I will get better!

The real Lola:


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