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Character Illustration: Weightlifter

I've been a graphic designer doing illustration on the side for over 6 years now. I've always done character based stuff and wanted to expand on that. Traditionally, I've not used much color in my illustration, so I'm hoping to break out of that box a bit too.

Example of a piece I've done before taking this course

I'm starting off with a pintrest board to collect inspiration for the character I create for this course. Since my hobby (a.k.a second job) is competitive olympic-style weightlifting, I feel a weightlifter would make a good starting place for my course project. Lets see where it ends up.

Some of my first sketches. I have a couple more that I did earlier today at the office, but I don't have them with me at the moment. Besides, I'm liking the sly guy curling a pink dumbell.

Below are some of the sketches I made using the technique taught in the course.

After sleeping on it I felt like I should make it into a bit more of a scenario, heres a quick sketch on how it might play out. But I'm not quite satisfied.

I'm going to go with this one. I like the style that is coming out here and want to see where it goes.

So, here is a more refined version before I jump into illustrator and begin making shapes. I played with his legs a bit to add some excitement. The details like the knee bands and lifting shoes, but more importantly the shifting of his balance makes the whole image a bit more dynamic, like the weight is a little more precariously positioned above him and he just might not be able to keep it up there. I was having a difficult time getting the long curve of the bar right, so I intend to fix it at the illustrator phase.

Oh, and a beard so he looks like me!

And here are my illustrator shapes

And here is the initial rendering in photoshop.

And the final rendering

And Here is a second piece I put together this weekend, applying what I learned.


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