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Character Illustration Project with Matt Kaufenberg

Hey Dudes,

Finally my ship sets sail on this awesome project...

I already have a Pinterest...

And added a pirate board for this project...

I quick bit about me as an illustrator is to say that my influences are Mid-Century Modern design of the 50's and 60's, Jim Flora, Hanna-Barbera and Ed Benedict.

With my all my inspirations in mind this was my initail sketch

A bad habit I have is settling on one sketch, no different here, but he still wasn't perfect. While sketching I automatically draw most of my characters at a standard height but this guy begged to be a shorty

So after I sketch, it's into Photoshop to 'tweak' (in this case just about everything!) so my pirate now ooks like this

Nicer proportions and a lot straighter (I corrected it in the first scan to but my sketches always have a lean... too much rum maybe


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