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Character Illustration - Captain Future Hendrix


Hey everyone, this is my illustration for the class. I thought it'd be a fun(ny) idea to work the pirate theme and character design around a music artist who's been having a successful year, Future.

My Pinterest board is here so you can see how the final piece was inspired.

I wanted to work off a basic shape and place it consistently throughout the design as a lesson I learned in shape language from another Skillshare class. I decided to work off derivatives of a trapezoid



I like the workflow Matt uses of building the basic shapes in Illustrator and separating them as layers to bring into Photoshop. I ususally have stuck with illustration in Illustrator, but I see how the transfer to Photoshop can feel more flexible, especially when it comes to painting and adding textures.

The emphasis of clipping masks in this project further enhanced my understanding of how masking techniques work in Adobe programs. Very informative, Matt. Thanks for the class!



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