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Character Illustration - Ace (Steampunk)

Update 8:

Decided to add some shadow below Ace here after Sunny Shah's feedback. I also boosted the contrast a bit since I thought the whole thing was looking a bit too dark after my texture additions. I also made a few minor tweaks here and there (super minor detail stuff). I think it's funny that this is now called 'Final3'. Hopefully, I have it this time!


Update 7:

Phew! This took a ton of work but I had a blast. I made a few more tweaks to the final image (loaded a newer pic with slightly different lighting, improved bottom gear, and touch of highlight on left glove following Jeremy Hamman's feedback) but really I could go on forever so I should probably stop. Haha.

Oh, and I've decided to call my new character Ace. :) What do you guys think?


Update 6:

Final! ...hopefully...

I may have gone overboard with the lighting and textures but had a blast with this! I hope to do some more simpler illustrations after this class with stuff I learned from Matt. I'm very excited to do more work like this even if it just for fun for now. Hope everyone else enjoyed this as much as I did!


Update 5:

Now shapes in Illustrator. This took WAY too long because of all the little details and I spent longer with color in this step than I probably should have but I'm excited with how I think this will turn out in the end.


Update 4:

Here's my latest version of the character sketch. I decided to go with option C (which I thought was the strongest and others seemed to as well) and cleaned it up. I probably added a few too many details since I'll be redoing most of this in the rendering process but it's nice to see. I think this guy is turning out well so far and I'm excited to move on to shapes in Illustrator and then rendering in Photoshop.


Update 3:

Here are my sketches of my steampunk characters. I ended up sketching these on my iPad which ended up being a lot of fun. I got a bit carried away with some details but think I definitely have something to work with in at least one of these guys. Not sure which one I'm going to proceed with though... Any comments is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Update 2:

Working on a steam punk guy instead now. Trying to fit a llama wasn't working but I think it would be funny if the steampunk character had a pet llama. I might work on that separately. I'll upload some sketches as soon as I've made some more progress.


Update 1:

I'm not sure what character I want to do right now. I like the idea of something like a well-dressed llama ready for adventure but I've never drawn a llama before so we'll see how that turns out. I also like the idea of the llama some how being in a steampunk world.


Posted this in the feed previously but putting it in my project- 

First time I've used Pinterest - I'll probably get more specific as I go along but for now I have one general one for inspiration:


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