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Character Design- The Explorer

My Story

I have been toying with the idea of a children's book for a while, and found that when I tried to create this- my process became muddled as I became too excited by too many things at once. I have a degree in illustration, and work as a freelance illustrator- but I wanted to develop my illustrations and characters fully. I collect children's books and really love them, so its a huge goal of mine to create this story.

I had been playing with a story on a young female explorer, based on my own childhood fascinations- that have lead me to want to travel as much as I can. 

So, I'm hoping with this class, I can refine and better how I consider my characters- giving them real personality. And also learning to digitalise my work, as I currently mainly print and paint.

Inspiration Board

I had already begun a pinterest some while ago, and so added a new section to my pinterest specifically for this project.

I've found myself looking at a lot of vintage travel posters, and am really enjoying the colours and charm in them. They spark an excitement in travelling- which would be a huge part of my character.

Rough Sketches

So I was going to wait till my new graphocs tablet came, but there been a problem with my order, so I tried to use my trackpad to sketch- but found it way too jittery and I couldnt get any pressure sensitivity. I did sketch out a couple of things and like dhow the computer forced me to work- so I will be trying to use photoshop as a sketch tool again!

So heres the computer stuff i struggled with...

And here is me giving up with that, and using pencil, ink and paper....

I've been playing around with a racoon hunting style hat, but the cat being her cat sitting on top of her head. I really like the girl on the far left, but can imagine the girl bottom centre getting into way more trouble and fun. Any advice at this point would be greatly appreciated- maybe I need to sketch out more and more and more? 


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