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Jon Leopold

Illustration Student



Character Design - Ghost Scientist

When starting my character I didn't know what I wanted to make, I'm not really a monster maker and abstract characters aren't my strong suit.  So I drew out a few circles, just a head and body to start with.  Glasses were my first detail, when you think of the word smart you commonly see glasses as an icon even though glasses don't actually mean you're smart.  Next I moved right into clothing since I didn't know where I wanted the face to go, so a collared shirt it was.  This is where he took shape, I extended the shirt too far down but noticed that it could be an over coat.  

A scientist was born, with a few more small details he was finished and I was satisfied with the character.  The body-less design came forward when I was just drawing the back of the coat, I liked the idea of having no body so much that I left it totally empty (Something I've never thought about).  Please leave comments and criticism below :)



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