Character Design Concept

Hey everyone,

So this is my first fully-fledged concept art (character design) project since I first took up digital art a couple of months ago. 

In addition to the full body illustration, I also added close-ups of some of the character's weapons/accessories.

This whole course and my experience while designing this character have been tremendously eye-opening for me. I think the most crucial advantage I have reaped from this whole project is that I have demystified the path my art style will take in the future in addition to having become much more proficient and consistent during the manifold phases of my project.

I think I have spent more time researching rather than actually drawing for this project. As the background for my character was ancient Greece, I researched the various societal aspects of the time. I like to double-check before designing armour or weapons but I also left some room for fantasy, since I did not want historical accuracy to stifle me too much.  I would describe my character as a god or demi-god (warrior archer/bard) as it opens more areas for creativity.

I always imagine my characters as flawed and down-to-earth as possible. I have added freckles, braids, face paint as an accessory as I was aiming for my male character to have feminine qualities, hence the predominance of purple in my character design.  While doing concept art, I try to keep in mind that, (most of the time) there should always be a reason why you add a certain item to a character and not just because, ‘why not?’, so one of the things I devoted some extra time and research to was the meaning behind the colours I use. As a result, I ended up adding warm and feminine colours despite the warrior demeanour as it adds an intriguing dichotomy. The pale yellow on the cape is an indication of sickness and decay hence why the right side of the character is hidden, for the sake of more mystery.

I definitely plan to revisit this character in the future, as I want to do a close-up redrawing of certain parts of the armour, and also because I constantly get new ideas for my characters.

Again, thank you for your course(s) Hardy, that helped pave the way for my character concept art visions. :)








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