Character Design: Celtic Thief

Character Design: Celtic Thief - student project

Here I have compiled my 4 pics from tv shows or movies that have inspired me over my years of exploring my artistic outlook. 

My 1st pic is from Ed, Edd, & Eddy! I loved watching these 3 (*2, not rly ed) jerks do crap. 

I really like how the linework looks slightly rougher in texture, and how eddy's eyes and eyebrows sometimes are not attached to him!

Character Design: Celtic Thief - image 1 - student project 

MY 2nd Pic is from Oh Yes Steven Universe! 

The Shapes and flow from the Characters designs and style in the show are what get me good the most. 

Character Design: Celtic Thief - image 2 - student project    Particularly in these pics, like how                  Connie's hair is styled with her hat and          lion BA as always. 

Character Design: Celtic Thief - image 3 - student project








Pic 3 is from Lilo & Stich / Disney in General.

I have always felt drawn to the emotion-filled faces of most Disney characters. 

Character Design: Celtic Thief - image 4 - student project

 They also always have a cutesy playful vibe that I sometimes like to see in my own style. 


Character Design: Celtic Thief - image 5 - student project




Pic 4 Kungu Fu Panda 

I Particularly like the concept art of these characters because it really shows the shapes and s curves made to create such designs. I could scroll through these some days in and out. 

Character Design: Celtic Thief - image 6 - student project Character Design: Celtic Thief - image 7 - student project








Know Thy Character

Name: ????

Personality:  She is going to be very passionate and courageous but also have a carefree childlike sense of wonder about her, It might lead her to trouble. 

Backstory: She is a petty thief and adventurer on her journey to see the secret Land of Grefinber. There she will find what her soul has been whispering to her during the long nights. 

Character Type: Anti-Hero


Character Design: Celtic Thief - image 8 - student project


Thank You so much for doing this class and checking out my project!