Character Creation for TV: Imagination to Digital Sketch

Character Creation for TV: Imagination to Digital Sketch - student project

Hi Everyone!!

This is my very first class on Skillshare. I'm thinking of talking about how to create a character that is simple but also visually appealing - suited for TV animation. I will be using Photoshop in this lesson, and will talk about how to transfer ideas from the mind onto a digital medium. This first lesson will cover the basics up till the posing thumbnails. I'll also share some tips about the TV Animation production pipeline, as well as the differences between characters in TV Animation and in Movies and Films. I'll also talk about the line of action and the negative space in a pose, and how to make a pose dynamic and interesting.

Class Project

Students think of their favourite childhood character (it can be from a movie, book, game, TV show, anything!) and select two traits which define that character. We'll then proceed to create our own different character with those two traits, with the help of references. In this lesson we will come up with a few poses with the help of references and the line of action. The character can be in any pose, as long as it brings out that character's personality. I'm hoping it will be a fun exercise to see how everyone's characters can turn out, as well as to see the variety of characters stemming from two simple words!!

The Class Outline can be found here:

I'd love to hear what you guys think!

Update 15Oct2016 : 

The Intro to my class can be found here !

Stephanie Chewy
Animator // Character Design