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Character Concept - Elementalist

So I've had this theme in my mind for a while and what better opportunity to put it to work! I want to design a character attuned to the mystic energies of cozmoz but can adapt to one of the four main elements: air, water, fire, earth. I know it's been overdone, but so have big boobs, and people still keep doing it, so I don't care :P

The character is a mix of a spell caster and an agile fighter. Spellsword perhaps? So, the prominent characteristics I want it to have are fast thinking and quick feet (NOT happy feet, burn that penguin).

Phase 1: Thumbnails

Took me about 45 minutes to draw these up. Can't say the amount of them I actualy like is many, but there's a few, I think I can live with that. I was aiming for non-humanoid shapes initially, but lezbehonest, at least a pair of legs and arms makes things quite more interesting, and fits what I'm going for much better.

This is it so far, more coming soon. Watch this space and stay cool :]


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