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Character Concept Art: Knight & Witch

So here's my first attempt in making a character concept art.

(I know that I have a lot of things to improve so suggestions & critiques are always welcome.)

- - -

Stage 1: Thinking of an Idea

I wasn't sure what to draw first, but eventually I convinced myself to draw a Knight and a Witch. I want them to have fashionable clothing even though it's not practical or if it even make sense. (You can't fight crime if you ain't fashionable)

Stage 2: Thumbnails

At this stage, I was excited to start drawing. Seeing Charlie Bowater's art just makes me feel inspired.

I had a hard time thinking of their poses and it didn't help that it has been long since I did thumbnails. I was already running out of creativity.



Stage 3: Thumbnail Refining Stage

I chose these 3 thumbnails from each category that I really like. I wanted to do something easy for my first try so I didn't pick the ones that have complicated poses.

Although this is a refining stage, my thumbnails still looks messy. I have only been using these Photoshop brushes for a while so I'm still getting used to it.

I was also a bit pressured because my characters looks lame and looking at other students' projects makes me... envious (?). Anyhow, I still continued to finish it until the last stage.



Stage 4: Finishing

For the Knight, I picked my 2nd thumbnail and my 1st thumbnail for the Witch. 


I'm still not happy with how this came out but I'm NOT giving up. (I'll edit this once I finished polishing the Knight.)

Again, please comment your suggestions & critiques because I want to improve and see what other people think about my drawing.


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