Chapman Family Crest

Chapman Family Crest - student project

Chapman Family Crest - image 1 - student project

I started my project by researching the initial, more obvious things that spring to mind when I think about my family. Things such as golden retrievers (we've had three in my lifetime), mine and my family's hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire (UK), Leeds United Football Club and the steel industry that both my Dad and Grandpa have worked in.

I did a quick Google search and picked out a few images that I could use for reference, such as Leeds town hall (centre), jet engine turbine blades (top right), of which one can be found in a cupboard in the spare bedroom that my Dad brought home from work, the Leeds United FC crest, the form of which I've actually used for the shield of my final crest, as well as pictures of dogs (I'm not great at drawing animals, humans, faces etc., so kept it simple here - top left).

I also researched the existing Chapman family crest, which features a lot of red and white. I'm cool with white; the white rose of Yorkshire etc., but I'm not a fan of the colour red. Never have been, plus I'd say Leeds' sporting colours are mainly white, blue and yellow, whether it's rugby or football, hence the selection of colours in the final design. I've also added a bit of gold in there too, just because I think it works on the laurels.

In terms of the Chapman name throughout history, its old English meaning refers to merchants and the dealing of goods. It also has origins further back in time, back to old Germanic languages such as Saxon and Middle Dutch, where elements of the name were all to do with obtaining items inexpensively. This works conveniently with the stereotype of a Yorkshireman being tight fisted and liking to hold on to his money. My Dad was always, and still is, appalled at the price of things, hence the line "How much?!" beneath the final crest.