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Chapeau! It's a woman's world

// About the Brand


Means hat in French and with exclamation mark is used to express appreciation, admiration, approval or respect! 

Chapeau is also the way hat is pronounced in my mother tongue and it usually refers to old school hats of 60s and 70s. People who had chapeau were considered cool!

my Chapeau! is a collection of hats for women, which are highly detailed from inside and polished outside with accents of personality. I got my concept from the fact that we have so much thoughts inside but we reserve a polished appearance on the outside. Thus, when going "hats off" in admiration, exposing our inner feelings and thoughts.

I hope that women who wear my Chapeau! would be reminded of throwing their hats off more often, expressing their true emotions and thoughts. Freely and boldly!

//Brand Slogan

"It's a woman's world"

//Brand Logo

I have two variations of the logo which I might use depending on the color of the hats:

Logo can also be abriviated to:

This would allow the brand to be memorable and small tags on the hats (garments in future) would be simplified. I am in the process of embroidering some tags to attached to my hats and will post more photos this weekend.

//Trademark Registration

In the state of illinois there is only one business with the word "chapeau" in their corporation name:

But the company is dissolved. yay!

I am in the process of talking to lawyer about the best way to register the name. I will update if I get any progress with that.

//Inside My Shop

More to come ...


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