Chap Indigo - Handprinted Indian Shoelaces

Unique handprinted shoelaces from organic cotton and paint, to match or complement your shoes.

Chap Indigo shoelaces are made from organic cotton, grown in Kanpur, India. The laces are printed in the village of Dhamadka, following a centuries old blockprinting proces. Together with an Indian fashion designer, we designed unique shoelaces, based on classical Indian prints.

The colors used are being extracted from plants. Indigo blue is for instance extracted from the indigo plant and red is extracted from pomegranates. Printing and dying of textiles with indigo blue, started a few thousand years ago in India and became an icon for the region. It even resulted in the name of the country today: the classical Greek word for indigo was ‘indikón’, which meant "Indian". So, Chap Indigo means "Indian guy".

The craft of blockprinting is disappearing at a high pace, because of competition from industrial manufacturing. By working closely together with a family of blockprinters, we are able to give a centuries old craft and tradition a new expression and explore opportunities for this wonderful craft to survive.

Chap Indigo laces are made from unbleached organicly grown cotton. The paint is made form plants, which makes the laces a completely harmless product that could be thrown back ito nature at the end of its lifetime. Isn't that the way products should be made?


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