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Chaotic Transit - Burning Ever Brightly


Hey everyone, thanks for all your feedback. I'm pretty bad at knowing when to leave a design alone but after many small edits and experiments this is the final I ended up with. I sent them to the band today and they'll be sent out to print in the coming weeks.

Hopefully this will be the start of creating more cd covers and better illustrations in the future.
Again thank you all for your comments and let me know what you think!

Thanks again!



So here's my go at texture with dissolve brushes. I tried using textures to bring the things out but the dissolve brush was easier and in my opinion more effective. I'm going to possibly add a subtle texture over the entire piece, which I'll figure out after I add in the necessary text.

Let me know what you think, I'm not that great with lighting so I'm open to your suggestions!



Initial color palette, I'll probably try out a few more maybe with some hints of purple or more shades of green but I'm happy for now. From here I'm going to try and get more into the lighting + shading, I'm thinking worst case I'll change the color as I go along.

As always, feedback is more than welcomed!



So due to work I'm a bit behind schedule. Here is my first go at it with vectors. I still have a bit to go in terms of adjusting shades and layout before i get to adding color and then texture/lighting. This is the front and back of the cd.

I'm thinking of placing the recording information on the bottom left hand side of the back. Also the trees are eventually going to be "glowing" while the city will be more monotonous, hence "burning ever brightly".

I'm more than interested in hearing your opinions!




I'm leaning more towards the second one, also this shows both the back and the front of the two sided sleeve the cd will be printed on.

I'm open to hearing your opinions!





Most of these are blue, but I'm leaning towards a varying blue/green palette with some yellow highlights.



So even before I decided to start this class I was working on a cd cover for my friend's band Chaotic Transit. I felt like it would be a good idea to take this class to improve my skills as an illustrator and to make a really awesome cover.

Chaotic Transit are a self-described indie/alternative/rock band from Tallahassee, Florida. They have previously released two singles but are going to release their first full EP, Burning Ever Brightly, this coming Fall. They asked me to make the artwork for them, and I would really like to make something that complements all of their hard work in making this cd happen.

Their music and lyrics are inspired by their Christian faith, and they play around a lot with themes of nature and trees contrasted with cities. Part of the challenging and exciting part of the project is that because they are a new local band they have no visual identity and no pre-existing artwork to reference. The only artwork they have is a sticker which shows a silhouette of a city reflected by a silhoutte of trees. 

Click HERE to listen to their previous singles.


In talking about what they wanted for the cover they said they wanted to show the contrast between a dark monotonous city and bright and glowing trees. They also liked the idea of having a large night sky with stars, referencing both a Band of Horses cover and Van Gogh's Starry Night. 


Apart from that they gave me pretty much complete freedom in what it would look like.

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