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Channel Plan AND Marketing my class

Drumroll please....... My first class of 2017 is live!!

Miniature Garden Art: Create a Magical Forest Terrarium

It's the first cab off the rank for my 2017 Channel Plan. Now to get marketing!


2017 Channel Plan

As part of the Returning Teachers: New Year Channel Challenge I am updating my project!

I have just decided on my first topic for 2017 

Garden Art: Create a magical mini forest terrarium

I've spent this morning working on my 2017 Channel Plan (exciting!!!!) Please let me know any feedback? 

I've decided to structure my classes around two key themes:
1. Garden Art
2. Flower Art

I would love to know what you think :) 

Marketing my first class - - Create your own beautiful kokedama (moss ball)
I've just changed my cover photo to make it more engaging for students - would love to know what you think about it? 


My first Skillshare class:

How to create a beautiful Kokedama

I only just launched it this morning and so far have shared it with some key family and friends that are interested in Kokedamas. I will update this as my marketing evolves :)

My class has just hit 70 students! Wooooo!! So far I have done the following:

1. Leveraged my existing network

I sent out personalised emails to all of my family and friends who have ever shown an interest in gardening or craft. This is the template of the email I sent:

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on my first class for Skillshare and today it is officially live!

If you’re not familiar, Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes on everything from business to graphic design to fashion – it’s the Netflix of learning. Classes are bite-sized and have a fun project so you can practice your newly learned skills.

My class is on garden art, where you’ll learn how to create your own beautiful kokedama with a cactus or succulent.

By using this special link, not only will you be able to enroll in my class, but you’ll also gain access to all other classes on Skillshare for just 99 cents!

You can enroll here:

I am also figuring out what other classes to run. Is there anything plant related you'd like to learn? I was thinking maybe one about propagating succulents? Or possible growing a container vegetable class? Would love your feedback. 

I had really good uptake from this inner circle and actually sent a follow up email encouraging people to upload a project. 

2. Shared on Facebook

So far I have shared it on both my business and personal Facebook page. I decided to share it as a photo with an in text link, because from my experience photos tend to gain more traction than links. 


I am also very active in a few planty groups on Facebook. So I shared my class there as well. 

3. Shared on Twitter


4. Featured the free intro video and link on my website

I added the free intro video to the workshop page of my website to try and capture people's attention and then linked back to my Skillshare class - 


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