Marina Nazarova

Painter/ illustrator



Channel Challenge - Creative Habits : 5 Drawing Projects


Hi all,

ABOUT the class

Practice makes perfect. So why not make art practice into a beautiful daily routine like having breakfast or brushing teeth. We always want to make time for it while self-sabotaging and delaying that moment of sitting down and making something. And once we finally do it and we find ourselves in this magical creative flow we wonder what took us so long. So lets not delay anymore. Start NOW! 

It's hard to create a new GOOD habit but with a bit of push and commitment it's all possible.

In this class we will start practicing together. In order to stay committed to the projects we'll make the exercises fun, new and interesting. If we constantly learn new techniques and make things in different creative ways we stay engaged and want to explore more. 

Lets start our new Creative Habits with these 5 Drawing Projects.

CLASS Project

For this class project we will make 5 Drawings using 5 different techniques.

For all the 5 projects you will need pencils (B,2B,5B), a sketchbook, 2 larger pieces of paper, ink


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