Annie Charbonneau

Les Écuries Chanie/ Stables



Chanie's virtual riding school (thinking about a better name)

Coaching/ teaching equestrians through the internet via videos they will send me and/or videos that I will post on different topics. I will teach in French. ( I'm a French Canadian)

I've been doing this since the 90's with big video cassettes !HA!

I will edit this page in the next couple of days, I will be thinking out loud here for a while. 

Being a horse trainer and coach ( since 1986) it's pretty "lonely"in the barn so I am very happy to have fellow classmates to exchange with - please feel free to give me feedbacks good and bad, so here's my first draft:

+ Have a website where I will sell programs/ yearly subcriptions to my virtual riding school and provide a platform where other trainers/riders can interact.
+ I would love a podcast because I listen to podcasts when I work around the barn- more convinient than blogs for riders, plus podcasting is a less crowded place for now and I love interviewing riders/ trainers. Great way to up our training/ riding game.
+ A Youtube channel to drive traffic to website /podcast and to post videos.

The main problem I have is the editing of the videos - I would like to be able to "write" over a video, talk, add exemples etc ... something similar to what football coaches do when they draw the game plan on a board and take a marker and show each players where they should be. Can someone have a product in mind? Can IMovie do that? 


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