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Samuel Canales

My passion is underrated



Changing the world one shirt at a time

Ive been trying to set up a t-shirt brand for about 2 years now and been trying to define my brand and how it fits into what i want to do. Ive designed a couple shirts that have somewhat given me a better understanding of what  i want to do. For every shirt i have created i have always tried to find a cause to donate the money i make, helping people puts a smile on their faces and mine. So ive tried to focus my brand around helping people but some of the shirts i make never really go with my concept, and thats why im here to better understand and define my own brand.

I created this Pray For Japan t-shirt when the tragic earthquake happened in 2011, i wanted to help so i made a shirt and sold a few and donated the money.

I've been a huge fan of pandas since i was little and always wanted to create a shirt, so i did and this shirts profits were donated to undernourished kids in guatemala.

i was born and raised in Los Angeles, California so i always wanted to design my own sweatshirt  that represented my life and where im from, and luckily became a big hit with my westcoast people.

So i dont have much of a history with shirt design but im hoping this class will help me develop better illustrator skills, and learning to brainstorm my ideas.


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