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Changing roles

Hello! I'm Nerea Marta, visual designer at a small design studio I created with a fellow, but I also do illustration and sometimes I write some bits of code. I've been always interested in toy design, I started with paper toy design and by customizing some kidrobot toys, but the thing I would like the most would be create my own vinyl toy. Let's get started!

Mood Board

These are some of the pictures I've choosen that somehow are very interesting to me. Some because they are adorable, others because their originality...



After being thinking about what kind of toy I would like to create, I realized that I wanted to created something cute but mad at the same time. With this in mind I started searching for opposed elements and what would happen if I change the role of these elements. These are two of the ideas I came trough:

Monster killer child

When we are child sometimes we've been afraid of monsters. But what would happen if a child decides to take all his fears and fight them. Here is where monster killer child is born. Next week, I want to create some sketches; till then here are the two images I've used to represent this idea.


Pine tree lumberjack

Me and my work mate started talking about lumberjacks and axes and how it would be if a tree was the lumberjack trying to cut a human who actually is made of wood. I didn't have time to sketch something, but I love the idea. So I want to change the roles of the tree and the lumberjack.


Next week I'll start sketching! Looking forward to the next lesson.



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