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Art for Everyone !



Changing it up at Whimsyville....

Thanks for Frankie- again for sharing....

1- changed the 'tag line' / 'title' . I'm always a 'mixed media artist' until today. As of this project, my title is now 'Art for Everyone".  This is also the name of my art class series...

2- changed the bio to be about the teaching of the CLASS and why, not so much me. Too much about me is boring and you can also see that at the website.... blah.

3- I have made a list of keywords for this 'new' class (should be done next week):

Wild flowers, paint, watercolor, doodling, art, fun, easy, bright, colorful, happy art -

     Would love more if you guys have any 'quick' thoughts....

4- Marketing: Facebook has been very good to me so far and after the first 25 students that I personally reached out to, it helped jump pretty quickly to over 50. I will continue to mention the new class over the next week and after introducing it, continue aftewards. I didn't do that with the first one and perhaps missed out on an opportunity! 

5- Marketing: I have also shared the 'finished' project in my art groups online. When someone says 'How did you do that" - i can respond by saying 'I posted a tutorial on Skillshare, here's the link' It's a soft sell and - this brings in about 10-15 students. I'm good with that for the first class, and hoping the second one is even more rewarding.

6- Marketing: I had a home schooling mom share in a review of my first class, that she used the Doodle Rooster class for her home school art project ! She linked the rooster with a book... this made me think that if there is one creative home school mom out there,  there has to be hundreds - so I will look into that.

7- i'm thinking about combining some of the classes into an 'ebook' for some niche markets. I will need a few more classes for that though - another 'product' from this product - so cross-marketing I guess we'll call it....  which would also link to the Skillshare premium membership offer... Bring in more 'outsiders'.

I think this is a lot for the new few weeks. I will continue to write down some ideas in my 'skillshare secrets' journal...and when I can see if they work, will share with you all.

Thanks guys.  - AOK 


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