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Maria L

practice, practice, practice!



Changing everything with Sketchbook Magic

I'm Maria and I've never put my art first. I'm also the queen of excuses.

My focus is on digital art so when I have no access to the computer/tablet - I will not draw. I want to change that.
I want to feel as comfortable with traditional art as I am with Photoshop.

I tend to hide the fact that I draw, so people won't ask me to paint(or whatever) for them as I don't feel confident about my work. I want to believe that I'm good and learn to share my art.



I didn't have any ink or paint to make marks but hey! I promised not to say "I don't have the right supplies" anymore. drawing - day one.



I had two favourite parts. The first one in the beginning making subtle pencil lineart. I was really happy with the drawing at that point but I thought that I have to do something more - and here's my second favourite part - I went bananas with the color pencils and ruined everything. Heh. It was a good fun though. I learnt that I'm good with black&white/monochrome but terrible at colouring things. :D




I got 4 minutes and 'fruit' from my bagic bowl.
I picked markers which I use for making notes at classes(hehe) and my pen. I couln't think of fruits in all that colors so some of them are vegetables and some of them are made up plants. 
I would like more time than 4 minutes though. Maybe to work on the letters a little bit more. But still it's good to know I can make something in less than 10minutes and not hate it :).



Today I drew in bed :D. To by honest the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about being grateful is touch. And I thought about the touch that is most soothing and for which I am grateful the most.
And that would be my boyfriend. I get crazy sometimes, pretty depressed, crying without a reason, scared about things, scared of the fact that I don't know why I cry or am so sad. And he sticks with me. He hugs or just holds my hand till I fall asleep. Even if I get crazy I know he will be there to me to hold my hand. 
The pic is on this cheap brown paper used for packages. I used white pencil, silver jumbo pencil and black ink.



I sometimes do sketches of clothes just to practice. And I go to to look for inspirations. This is what I did with those two.



this says recepies in Polish. I bought a recepie notebook for my sister and drew a title page. :)





Aliens! I bough a new supply. It's a Pentel's Pocket Brush Pen. It's awesome :D Highly recommend it.


I bought this A6 small sketchbook to check out how the inking would go on the bigger page. Not having 'ctrl+z' option here really sucks. You have to think trough every detail. 



No card from the magic bowl. Just did it for myself.


and design sketches of the necklace



This was for "song lyrics" and I chose "The Moon" by The Swell Season.


# DAY 10


Still sticking with ink :) and trying put my brushpen by pentel. <3




I brought my acrylic paints from my dad's house not so long ago and decided to try them out today. I treid to remember something as it is over three years since I've touched brushes. I did those on A5 regular 90g paper :/ so I had to use as little water as possible. I'm not exactly happy with the letters but still it was super fun! I will have to go to an artist's shop and buy some boards to paint on :D

The book is of course Hemingway's "Old man and the sea". 




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