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Changing Up the Routine

There's a process happening - the process of renovation to the basement bedroom. I'm doing all the work myself, but I've got the background to do it. I'm not worried. In any case, I work on my own projects at home aside from my usual 6-6 job. The far left corner is where I plan on putting my craft & art supplies, and computer set up. More often than not, I'll probably work in the far right area. It has a chalkboard/magnetic wall that I'm putting together, and a comfy chair to sit and write in. The closet is another option entirely, but I think that'll be saved for the pet...she needs her hiding place. Sometimes, I'll be able to work outside the french doors as well in an area I'm also redoing. So much work ahead... but thanks to renders to help visualize the idea. 

The plan is to start out at 500 a day, and grow to 1500 a day over the course of the year. I'll do this, not at a defined pace..but a reasonable progressive pace. The only rule will be that I will never write less than I did the day before. Basecamp, a web tool, will help me the most. I used a lot with a job for 6 years so I'm very used to it - of course, I also hate it because it yells at me to do things..but that's the point right? 


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