Changing My Pace of Style


6/1/2021: Already confused. It seems that my picks are too diverse... I have deleted some case studies for the sake of my sanity so forgive the jumped numbers.

I've always wanted to try something new for this class. I am often trapped in my current "manga" like drawings, and not only do I start to feel a bit worn from this art style, I heard my current drawing as it is was not as favorable in commercial settings. So, my goal in entering this class is to develop a drastically different art style - one which people cannot categorize into "manga" at the very least.

While the artists in these case studies are not my heroes, I can say that these illustrators represent the things I'd love to try out for this change of pace.

Changing My Pace of Style - image 1 - student projectCase study two: Enya Todd. I got interested into food illustration thanks to some artists on Twitter. I could not remember their names as I follow too many, but I assume Enya Todd's art style represented the reasons why I love this particular genre. Like, who doesn't like food?

Changing My Pace of Style - image 2 - student projectCase study three. Max Degtyarev. As an architecture student, I am fascinated at any illustration which involves space. Seeing illustrations like Degtyarev's hit close to home. I choose his because it has the combinations of my aspirations in my studio work and how relatable his content is to my real-life status. And... those explanations really make the illustrations feel smart :)

Changing My Pace of Style - image 3 - student projectCase study four. Maruti Bitamin. Something about Maru's art style just entranced me. Oriental influenced? I don't know... I am raised in Asian culture thus something about Maru's illustrations reminded me of the mystic art I'd find in Japanese/Chinese based visuals. It could be just me, though. I love the depiction of patterns and the vibrant colors in particular.Changing My Pace of Style - image 4 - student projectCase study five: Isabelle Follath. One of the baits of my joining this class is the picture-book art style which interests me. I notice how much details I like to put in my drawings that I forgot when to calm down with the details. I aspire to have more simplistic but effective drawings like this.


I decided to narrow down a common thread I can find beneath these diversities. As far as I noticed, three out of five of my case studies use bright, washed out colors - characteristic of watercolor. Furthermore, all of these case studies have smooth line work. I think this is partly my being envious to these examples as I did the literal opposite - grunge, painting-like texture with heavy, rough, sketchy line. I assume the latter was caused by my inability to be consistent with lines so trying out any of these styles would be a challenge. But, as the title said, I wanted a different second art style to adopt so... Agh I'm confused! Who should I go with?

Changing My Pace of Style - image 5 - student project