Changing Moods

This is actually a WIP drawing that I am working on atm and decided to apply Gabby's color theory class insights to denote the different effects of colors to images. 

1. Cooling Filter

As the name implies, the deep hues of blue really gave this piece a very cold vibe it is as if a storm is coming and the character says she's ready for it. 


1. Romantic

The pink and purple hues gave this piece a romantic vibe in my opinion.  Is she looking for a lost love across the seas?


3. Vintage

The yellow filter  definitely gave this piece a vintage look. Like it's an old photo from a time long forgotten. 


4. Undead

I played a bit with color balance on this one instead of the photo filter. The glowing green and the color purple gave it an eerie look.


5. Final:

Overall, I went with the  neutral color scheme with a touch of yellow/orange for the sunset behind her and highlights of red. I'll be interested to see what impressions the color scheme I chose give the viewers for this piece.



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